Your quality management assistent

As a QHSE manager you have a bunch of registers, forms and procedures to manage. Most of this data is spread around on several word and excel files with the result that it is always hard to figure out the lastest version of the document (everybody have used the latest "Date Modified" in Windows/Mac to have a good guess). The results is that the moment the date external audit closes by your stress levels goes up tremendously. You need to work hard to fix all the version numbers and the register who are stil lacking data inputs. Qooling is here to help you. Qooling keeps track of versioning for you, it manages your tasks and gives you a reminder when you need to perform an internal audit. This all and more so you can do your work on the same page throughout the year.

One clear overview

One clear overview of all the QHSE related activities

Version control

Clear overview of all the previous created versions of documents!

Easy to use

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Easy to implement. Setup in a couple of days!

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